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Debit Cards

Debit Card Travel Notification

Going out of town?   Don’t have your card denied at the register or ATM — NOTIFY WCU Credit Union BEFORE you leave.

If you do not notify WCU, our fraud monitoring service may flag your card usage as potential fraud and block your card.

Adding a debit card travel notification can help minimize the chances of your debit card being blocked for unusual activity.

To ensure the use of your debit before traveling, please contact Terri Holmes at (256) 355-5010 so that a Notification of Travel can be added.

After hours, you can print out the Travel Notification Form, fill in the information requested, and return to any WCU branch or Fax to 256-355-2989 or Email to

Questions about Debit Card Travel Notification? Call 256-355-5010 and ask for Terri Holmes.

Telephone Contact Information

For your security, be sure that your telephone contact information is up-to-date with WCU Credit Union at all times to help minimize the chances of your debit card being blocked for unusual activity.

As a WCU member, you will continue to be monitored by our fraud monitoring service and may receive a phone call while you are traveling to determine the validity of transactions made out of this/these, state/states, or country/countries.

If your telephone contact information is not correct in WCU’s system and WCU’s fraud monitoring service is unable to contact you, they will put a temporary hold on your debit card assuming that this may be suspicious and/or unauthorized activity.

Call WCU at 256-355-5010 to verify and/or update your telephone contact information during business hours.

Lost or Stolen Debit Cards

As always, all lost debit cards should be immediately reported to WCU

During business hours call:   256-355-5010 or 256-974-2013

After business hours call:   1-800-253-0819 (Option 3) or utilize mobile app