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Our Story

In a world that longs to have financial stability and security, WCU Credit Union offers a financial security blanket that’s more than sixty years in the making. Each thread sewn has been battle tested and proven strong. We have grown from a small, plant operated financial institution located within the confines of a plant’s gates, to a stand alone, member owned and operated Credit Union that thrives in an unpredictable and turbulent economy.

We began our journey as Wolverine Employees Credit Union in 1948 as a part of Wolverine Tube Inc. Over the years, we have stretched our arms to reach a wider membership base that now includes any and all who live, work, or worship in Morgan and Lawrence counties.


WCU, here to serve your financial needs today, tomorrow, and in the future.


WCU focuses on and is recognized for positive solutions in the financial industry and our Member’s needs, admired for talented-helpful Team Members, and respected for consistent growth and maintaining integrity.