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Cyber Security Tips for Your Mobile Devices

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Cyber Security Tips for Your Mobile Devices


cyber security mobile devices

Over the past few weeks we have talked about ways to keep your computer safe from cyber attacks.  So what about your mobile devices?  In the past couple of years, cyber security threats have majorly increased in smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.  Just like your computer, you have to take certain security measures to keep safe online.  Here are some ways to make sure your mobile devices stay on top of the security game.

Encrypt Everything

If someone stole your smartphone, would they be able to download all the contents?  If your answer is yes, that means you need to use your encryption features to keep your identity safe.  Encrypting the contents will ensure that your files and information can’t be opened, even if someone illegally obtained them.  Encrypting your mobile devices can be as simple as going to your settings and enabling a password that you will enter every time you power on your device.  It keeps your identity safe, and it only takes a few minutes to activate.  

Stay On Top of Your Software

Staying on top of software updates to your mobile devices can get annoying, but that minor annoyance is worth knowing you are doing all you can to stay secure online.  When you get a software update, don’t delay in installing it.  When you install it, not only are you getting up-to-date features from your installed apps, but you are getting all the newest security features that are available.  Keeping up-to-date will help keep you safe.

Put It on Lock-down

Similar to encrypting your the contents of your device, you want to make sure you have a lock screen activated.  Usually smartphones and tablets have several different ways of providing this feature such as pass-codes, pattern codes, fingerprint recognition and even facial recognition.  It’s important to enable this feature, especially if you are prone to leaving your devices out in the open where anyone could get to them.  

Download Carefully

In these times we live in there is literally an app for almost anything you can think of.  While it is enticing to want to download tons of apps, be sure you know where it comes from before you install it.  Apps from unknown sources can have viruses built in them that can harm your device and steal your information.  Be sure you read about the apps and make sure they come from a reputable source before you download.

Connect Wisely

Just as we talked about with your computers, don’t connect your mobile devices to public Wi-Fi if you can help it.  Public Wi-Fi is not secure, and if you have your phone or tablet connected, your information is easily accessible to anyone who can get it.  If you need to use public Wi-Fi, at least don’t use your email or online banking while you are connected.

It’s important to take the same precautions with your phone or tablet as you would with your computer when it comes to cyber security.  Even though it may seem like overkill sometimes, you will be better off in the long run with these safety tips.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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