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3 Easy Ways to Save Money

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3 Easy Ways to Save Money


3 Easy Ways to Save Money

Piggy Bank Savings

Saving money can sometimes seem like an impossible task.  It seems that no matter how much money you make, there are always those months where none of it ends up in savings.  Saving money is important for a secure financial future, and even if you live paycheck to paycheck, there are still ways you can work saving a little into your budget.  Keep reading for three no-brainer ways to save a little bit of money.

1.) Automate When Possible
When you get your paycheck, set up your direct deposit in a way that some of your check automatically goes towards your savings account–even if it is as little as $5.  That way, you don’t even see the money to contemplate spending it.  You’ll have a peace of mind knowing that your money is building up in your savings account without you having to think about it.  It also helps with budgeting, because you know exactly how much of your income is going towards savings every month.

2.) Keep Your Change
Whenever you use cash, don’t just throw your change in your car cupholders or the bottom of a purse…put it in a specific location.  If you were to put every little bit of change into a jar for a few months, you would be amazed at how much extra money you can accumulate.  Instead of it being strewn about all over your house, you have it in a central location and can see that it is building up, which motivates you to save even more!  While this method won’t exactly make you rich, it certainly can’t hurt to put away every extra cent possible.

3.)  Cut Your Costs
Sometimes saving money is as simple as not spending as much money on certain things.  Think about all that you consume in a typical month.  Can you cut back on anything?  Maybe you could get rid of your cable and just rely on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.  You could start meal planning everything you eat so you won’t buy extra items at the grocery store.  If you subscribe to any magazines or online subscriptions, you could cut those out for a little while.  Whatever you do, the point is to save the money you’ve just freed up.  Take that $10 from your magazine subscription and put it in savings.  Did you spend $50 less on groceries this week?  Great!  Put it in savings.  You got rid of that $100 cable bill?  Awesome, now go put that in your savings.  This method only works if you put the money you have saved into your savings account.  Otherwise, you will just end up spending it on something else frivolous.

As you can see, saving money doesn’t have to be some daunting task.  You can find little ways to save money everyday if you look for them.  Doing something little each day to work toward your savings goals will compound into big savings over time, and before you know it, you will be reaching your financial goals!

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