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Protect Your Debit Card

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Protect Your Debit Card


debit card safety

Keep a constant eye on your accounts – Staying up-to-date on your account activity will ensure that you are aware of any transactions that were not made by you. An easy way to manage your accounts is through WCU’s Mobile App, you can download it today on Apple App Store and Google Play!

Protect your PIN number – Choose a PIN (Personal Identification Number) that is easy for you to remember but hard for someone else to guess. Never share or write down your PIN, the moment someone has access to your card number and PIN, they have complete access to the money in your account.

Report a lost or stolen card immediately – As soon as you notice an odd transaction, lose your card, or realize its’s been stolen, report it immediately. This allows your card or account to be frozen from making further purchases until it is found or replaced.

Protect you cards and accounts by being monitoring your account transactions and report any unknown transactions or lost/stolen cards as soon as you realize the issue. Use cation when making purchases online as well as ATM or other card reader transactions. Do not share your personal information (including your PIN and other card information) with anyone.

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