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3 Ways Grocery Stores Help You Save Time & Money

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3 Ways Grocery Stores Help You Save Time & Money


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If you try hard to stick to your budget, you know that food makes up a large portion of monthly spending.  Grocery prices seem to be on the rise most of the time, and it can be hard to stick to your spending limit.  However, if you are careful, you can find ways that the grocery stores actually help you to save time and money with your food shopping!  Here are a few that we have found:

Digital Coupons

Does your favorite grocery store have a rewards card?  If it does, it more than likely will also have digital coupons.  These are easier than regular coupons because you don’t have to spend time cutting them out, plus they often coincide with the sales at that particular store.  This makes it easier and faster for you to save money for things you need.

Super Sales

Many stores will have “super sales” where, for a couple of days only, some items are extremely discounted.  This often goes along with coupons on your rewards card or even upcoming holidays. Keep your eyes peeled each week for the sale paper from all of the local stores and make a list of items that are on super sale that you may need.  When you get to the sale, stock up on those items for 6 weeks. That is how long it usually takes for the sale to cycle back around. It’s also a good idea to plan your meals around the sales to get the most bang for your buck.

Delivery & Pickup

Lately more and more grocery stores have introduced wonderful time-saving services such as grocery delivery and grocery pickup.  If you are short on time, then these services are for you! You order your groceries online with these services so it automatically helps you stick to your budget because you aren’t tempted to buy things that aren’t on your list.  Plus, a running total is kept on the screen to help you see if you are going over budget. If you see you are spending too much, just delete items out of your cart. If you are on strict budget or short on time, check to see if your local stores have any of these services to keep you on track.

So you see, the stores actually make it easier for you to shop if you take advantage of all they have to offer!  Use those coupons, shop the sales and do it quickly with their services, and you will definitely have the tools you need to stick to your grocery budget each and every week.


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