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Tips to Avoid Money Arguments for Married Couples

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Tips to Avoid Money Arguments for Married Couples


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Money can often be a sore subject in many relationships.  Whether you have been married one year or 50 years, you know that you need to be on the same page with your spouse financially to avoid money arguments.  Here are a few tips on how you can help keep your married life and financial life on track together.

Decide Together

One key point to keeping money arguments at bay is to always make major financial decisions together.  This includes deciding on a budget and making major purchases. Before you make any substantial money decisions, always ask yourself if you would be mad if your partner made that decision before talking to you.  If the answer is yes, have a discussion first. When you work together as a couple, you will not have to worry about pesky little arguments over money issues.

Meet Monthly

To stay on the same page financially, it’s wise to have a monthly money meeting with your spouse.  This is a time for you to lay it all out on the table and talk things over like what your budget will be for the month, any special expenses expected and how much money you have in all of your accounts.  That way you and your spouse will always be in the loop on what is going on financially in your life. Being on the same page always makes a relationship much easier.

Share and Track

Along the same lines as meeting together monthly, it’s always a good idea to share anything financial that may come up in between meetings.  Talk about things you want to purchase and any unexpected expenses that pop up during the month. Also, make sure you both track your expenses the same way.  This will solve any confusion that may come about or any misunderstandings. Decide together on the best way to track for your financial situation, and stick with it.  

All of these points have one underlying theme to them–communication.  When you communicate with your partner about money, you are less likely to have arguments that lead to unhappy marriage situations.

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