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Try Our Mobile App For Banking On-The-Go


WCU Community Credit Union mobile app

Have you downloaded WCU’s Mobile App yet?  If not, what are you waiting for? WCU has made credit union banking super simple with this year’s addition to their online banking program. So what can you do with the mobile app?  

With the mobile app, you can check balances on all of your accounts.  Long gone are the days of wondering how much you have in your checking account–you can look it up instantly on your mobile device.

The mobile app also lets you make transfers between different accounts with the click of a button.  Just log into the app and go the transfer tab in the main menu. You can transfer to and from any of your active accounts.

Do you want to review a transaction that happened over a year ago?  If you have the mobile app, you can view your account history at a glance right from your phone, on-the-go.  

Our mobile app is fast, secure and best of all completely free if you have an account with us at WCU.  Just go to Google Play or the Apple App Store and download your way to easy banking with WCU.

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