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Cheap Ways to Celebrate Fall

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Cheap Ways to Celebrate Fall


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Even though it’s still warm outside right now, the official start of autumn is this weekend.  Soon the air will be cooler and it will be time to celebrate all the things that make fall so magical.  Here are some ideas of fun fall activities your whole family can participate in that won’t break the bank.


Find a local apple orchard that will let you come and pick your own apples.  You will be outside in the crisp fall air, and you will get to enjoy nature as you pick the perfect apples for fall baking, or even just for snacks.  This proves to be a really entertaining activity for children.

Bake Fall Treats

This activity is a great follow-up to apple picking because you can use your apples to bake all sorts of fall treats.  Apple pie, candy apples, applesauce–the possibilities are near endless! Outside of apples, think about what you could make with other autumn produce like pumpkins, acorn squash or sweet potatoes. The internet is saturated with mouth watering recipes for the fall. Get your kids in on the action and let them make their own treats (supervised, of course).

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches these days are packed with tons of different activities other than pumpkin picking.  They have corn mazes, hayrides, kettle corn and many more activities for kids and adults alike. They are basically a fall festival happening every weekend.  Find a pumpkin patch that has lots of activities and consider taking your family one weekend. If you have one close to you and want to go multiple times, see if a season pass might be more cost effective for you.

Take A Hike – Literally!

A free activity that is great for the whole family is to take a hike in a local park or forest near you.  Hikes are perfect for fall because the temperature is cooler and the leaves are beautiful this time of year.  You will get to enjoy the stunning nature of autumn as well as get some exercise. Take a picnic lunch and make a day out of it–you won’t regret it!

There are many other activities not listed here that are fun to do during the fall season.  To find out more, just search the internet for “Fall Activities in _____” and enter your city name.  You will find tons of possibilities just waiting for you to explore. Happy Fall!

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