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Cheap or Free Ways to Have Fun This Summer

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Cheap or Free Ways to Have Fun This Summer


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Summer’s here and there is a sense of freedom that comes with it every year.  People tend to go on vacations and do more fun activities than they typically do the rest of the year.  But what if you are on a tight budget and can’t afford all of the extra fun? Well, fear not, because we have put together a few easy ways to have fun and keep busy this summer without breaking your budget.

Make Use of Your Library

This is the tip that typically shows up on “Free Things To Do” lists, but for a good reason! Libraries offer a ton of free resources to entertain and inform you.  Besides the magnificent selection of books to read, most libraries offer free DVD rentals, movie nights, storytimes for children, author readings and community lectures.  All of these are completely free! Just visit your library’s website and find their event calendar to plan something fun (and free!) this summer.

Community Events

Take a look at your city’s online community calendar.  I’ll bet you can find all kinds of events you didn’t even know were available.  Free movies and concerts in the park, museum days that offer free or discounted admission, festivals and downtown events are all items typically seen on a community calendar.  Some places even have splash pads for kids to beat the summer heat. Most of these events are either free or very cheap to attend. So before you say that you have nothing to do, check out what’s going on in your community.

Have a Yard Sale

Forget about saving money this summer–how about you make a little extra money!   Clean out your house, attic and garage and, host a yard sale. It does take a little effort, but the pay off can be great!  Your home gets de-cluttered, and you make a little cash that can be put toward doing something fun this summer.

Volunteer Your Time

If you have some spare time this summer, think about volunteering some of it to a worthy community cause.  If you find an organization that you are passionate about helping, the work actually turns into something you enjoy.  It’s a great feeling to give back to your community and help others, and it’s a free but valuable way to spend your time.

So, don’t be bored this summer just because you don’t have a lot of funds to play with.  Get out in your community and see what’s going on! Chances are, you will find more out there than you thought–and you will be able to afford them all.

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