As of July 1, 2018

$2.00/page Account history printout
$15.00/hour Account research/reconciliation by WCU employee
$5.00/month 1Balance Violation Fee (Savings account balance below $25 minimum required)
$20.00/check Bill Pay check copy fee
$20.00 CARFAX fee
$2.00 each Cashiers check fee
3% check amount < $100
5% check amount > $100
Check cashing fee (no compensating balance/no loans/non-active account)
No charge Check copies fee (thru WCU Homebanking)
$5.00 each Check copies fee (thru WCU employee)
$10.00 Christmas club early withdrawal fee (before Nov. 1st, after Jan. 1st)(2nd withdrawal closes club account)
$20.00 each Debit card replacement fee
$1.50 Debit card balance inquiry fee & withdrawal fee (at non-WCU ATM & foreign ATMs)
$10.00/year 2Dormant Account Fee – Savings account only (after 12 months no member performed activity *)
$25.00 Escheatment fee (abandonded accounts)
$20.00 Express/overnight mail delivery fee
$420.00 GAP Fee   ( EFF 07/01/2018)
Greater of $10 or 5% of amount of scheduled payment,
not to exceed $100.00
Late fee of delinquent loans
$25.00 Levy fee (court, garnishments, IRS, or tax)
$2.00 Loan payment fee – only for payment made over the phone with debit/credit card (when card is not swiped)
$25.00 Membership share (minimum balance required for credit union membership)
$10.00 Membership closing (closing share account within first 6 months of membership)
$25.00 Membership reinstatement fee (share account)
$25.00 3Member loan “Re-application” fee
$10.00 Non-member loan application fee
$35.00 each NSF charge (return item fee due to non sufficient funds on draft/ACH/etc.)
$35.00 each 4Overdraft fee (standard/extended overdraft privilege program – JMFA)
$35.00 each 5REG-D transfer charge (6 REG-D transactions per month, $35 charge per occurrence thereafter)
$150.00 Refinance fee – unless borrowing $1500.00 or more of the loan amount
$25.00 each Remove a joint owner fee (1st request free, subsequent requests within 6 months per each request)
$15.00 each Returned items deposited fee
$10.00 each Returned mail fee (due to bad address/undeliverable address)
$2.00 per occurrence Share/savings “Excessive Withdrawal Fee” (free 1st 3 times/month & $2.00 per occurrence thereafter per month)
$5.00/month Statement copy fee
$30.00/item Stop payment of draft/ACH fee (No stop payment available for debit card purchases)
$15.00 Title processing fee
$20.00 Wire transfer fee – incoming or outgoing (only within the U.S.)
$150.00 Lost safe deposit box key drilling fee
$20.00 annual 3 x 5 Safety deposit box rent
$35.00 annual 3 x 10 Safety deposit box rent
$50.00 annual 5 x 10 Safety deposit box rental
$75.00 annual 10 x 10 Safety deposit box rental

1Balance Violation – Any transaction which causes your share/savings account to go below the $25 required minimum balance, your share/savings account will be charged a Balance Violation Fee of $5.00 per month until the share/savings balance is brought up to the $25 minimum required.

2Dormant Account Fee (Savings account only) – After 12 months with no member performed activity on your savings account and undeliverable mail/statement, you will be charged a dormant account fee of $10 per year until there is member performed activity on the account. Fee does not apply to accounts with a balance over 100.01 or if primary owner/member is under 19 years of age. *Dividends paid by WCU are not considered “member activity”. *Checking accounts and debit cards will be closed after a period of 12 months of inactivity, with remaining funds transferred to savings.

3Member Loan “Re-application” Fee – If you have a loan turned down by WCU, and you re-apply within a 6 month time period, you will be charged a $25 “re-application” fee at the time of application. If your loan is approved, the application fee will be returned.

4Overdraft Fee (Standard/extended overdraft privilege program – JMFA) – Overdrafts created by checks, in-person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals, debit card (recurring debit card payments and everyday debit card purchases), online bill pay transactions, ACH (auto debits). Please review our EFT/MAA/Funds Availability/Truth in Savings disclosures for more information.

5REG-D/Overdraft Transfer Fee – For transfers from one WCU share/savings account/suffix to another WCU account/suffix, or to cover non-sufficient funds, or external transfers to a 3rd party, WCU allows six (6) free transfers per interest bearing account each calendar month. After this, you will be charged a REG-D Overdraft Transfer Fee of $35 per transfer.

*Checking accounts with a negative balance for over 45 days will be closed. All available funds will be transferred from the share account and applied to the negative draft balance then both share/savings accounts will be closed. Any remaining negative amount will be considered as “charged off” and reported to ChexSystems until paid in full by responsible party.