Spring Cleaning your Finances Checklist

Check your credit

Your Credit Score can make a huge impact on your financial life – be sure to stay up-to-date on it. It’s recommended to check your credit score every year to be familiar with your credit report. When you know your credit score it helps you to continue to set goals and improve your responsible credit habits.

Shred old documents

It’s easy to let your financial documents pie up, year after year. These piles often hold both important and unimportant documents. Read our “Keep or Shred” blog to see a list of some of the documents that you should keep and the documents you can shred from that pile. Then organize the important documents, so when you are looking for a specific one, you are not having to go through an entire pile of years’ worth of documents. *Any document with personal information should be shredded in order to decrease the chances of fraud.

Reevaluate where you can save

If you have any subscriptions or memberships to platforms or places you no longer use, cancel those to save money. Take a look at some of your past WCU statements to see where reoccurring money is being spent and try to reduce the amount by canceling any unused or unnecessary spending. Just by doing this, you will notice the savings begin to build.

Create / revisit your budget

After your research, create a budget that will be realistic for you to follow but will help ensure you have your bills covered while having some extra to put into savings. Budgeting is flexible to the point where you can update it from year to year, as you pay things off, etc. A budget is a wonderful way to keep your finances in check while also knowing exactly where every penny of your paycheck is going.

Traveling Soon?

Traveling soon? Let us know before you go! If you’re traveling across the globe or just outside of your normal areas, give us a call to let us know!

It is important for you to notify your credit union of your travels plans at least a week prior to your departure date to ensure they you are able to use your credit ad debit cards and have complete access to your money while you are out of town.

As an extra security measure for our members, we monitor all accounts for suspicious or unusual card activity. If we are not notified before you depart for your travels, transactions for large amounts out of state or county may result in your card being blocked for security reasons.

The easiest way for you to notify us is by calling our main office at (256)355-5010.   

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Protect Your Debit Card

Keep a constant eye on your accounts – Staying up-to-date on your account activity will ensure that you are aware of any transactions that were not made by you. An easy way to manage your accounts is through WCU’s Mobile App, you can download it today on Apple App Store and Google Play!

Protect your PIN number – Choose a PIN (Personal Identification Number) that is easy for you to remember but hard for someone else to guess. Never share or write down your PIN, the moment someone has access to your card number and PIN, they have complete access to the money in your account.

Report a lost or stolen card immediately – As soon as you notice an odd transaction, lose your card, or realize its’s been stolen, report it immediately. This allows your card or account to be frozen from making further purchases until it is found or replaced.

Protect you cards and accounts by being monitoring your account transactions and report any unknown transactions or lost/stolen cards as soon as you realize the issue. Use cation when making purchases online as well as ATM or other card reader transactions. Do not share your personal information (including your PIN and other card information) with anyone.