Make This Holiday Season Budget Friendly

Set a Holiday Spending Limit

Set a spending limit that is put in place specifically with holiday events and gifts in mind. Create a feasible spending limit based on what will work best with your finances. Once your holiday spending limit is set, begin to break that into categories. For example, family gifts, gift exchange gifts, and holiday meals/ events. This will give a better idea of what you are able to spend where.

Shop with a List

To stay within budget while shopping, create a list of gift ideas for each person and items needed to prepare for gatherings and events. Not only will this help keep you on track while shopping and save you time in the stores but, it will also help to keep your spending under control.  

Shop Local

This is especially important for this year with all of the businesses and struggling through the pandemic, but it is always helpful to put money into your community and the small businesses that surround it. While checking off your holiday shopping list, you are also helping a business and the family behind it through the holiday season. Shopping small really is a win-win!

DIY Gifts

A tight budget doesn’t mean you cannot give gifts to your loved ones, it simply takes a little creativity (and/or googling). DIY projects are a fun way to spend time with family while creating something extra special for loved ones.

Entertain for Less

Under the circumstances this year, it is likely that you will less people to host in your home. With that said, if you are hosting a gathering with family and friends, consider making it a potluck where each guest is assigned a dish to bring. By doing this, you will save yourself money and time!