SPOOKTACULAR Ways to Save This Halloween

October is a time FULL of fun and it’s easy to let expenses creep in, often without much thought. These tips are scary good and will help you save money this October!


What we all think about when we’re getting ready for “spooky season”. What is going to be the most popular costume? What about the most creative or scariest? How about a Family costume? Pre-made costumes are often not the best quality and they can be expensive. Consider the following ways to save on a costume.

Get Creative!  Visit Pinterest and find an easy, inexpensive Halloween costume that you can DIY and have a Halloween costume that’s unique to you. There are so many options to choose from with just a quick search – find one for you, the whole family, and even pets!

Costume Swap – Find out if your friends have any costumes, they don’t mind you wearing and tell them what you have to save you both some money on your Halloween costume!


There’s no way you can celebrate Halloween without a few pumpkins, at least! I know some people go all out on Halloween decorations and you can make that happen without spending dollar after dollar.

DIY – Yep, get back on Pinterest and find yourself some decorations that fit the style of your home or ideas on simple way to decorate! An old decoration from a thrift store or that you already had, add a coat of paint and you have an upgraded Halloween decoration!

Shop Smart! You can find some awesome, spooky Halloween decorations in dollar stores or in bargain bins. It may take some digging and some creative thinking but you can find some great things to “spook” up your house for Halloween. Also, shop online – you never know what you might find!

At the end of the season – stock up for next year!

Visit your favorite stores at the end of the season to find good deals on décor for next year!


The classic Halloween treats! We all need a bucket ready when the doorbell rings on Halloween night!

  • – Try to shop ahead of the demand to get the best prices on candy.
  • – Shop generic brands, as long as the flavor is there to satisfy the sweet tooth, it doesn’t matter the brand name!
  • – Check online, you may find good deals on candy in bulk.
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