Sometimes, A Bargain Is Not A Bargain

When you are shopping and you see that “sale!” sticker, think about a few things before jumping into a purchase thinking it’s a bargain. Sometimes, a bargain is not a bargain after all.

Here’s a list of five times a bargain may not be actually be a bargain:

When you don’t need it

The price might scream a good deal but, if the heavily marked down item is one you aren’t in need of, you are spending money that could be used for something you need or want more.

When it’s a faulty product

There are times when it doesn’t pay to be cheap. Often times, when an item is at a very low price or found in a “bargain store.” When you find a product you are unsure of, hold it up to this checklist to deterring if it is quality:

  • – Where was it manufactured? If a product looks to be a designer or name brand but has a made in china sticker, it’s sadly just a cheap knock off and really isn’t a good deal.
  • – Are there any noticeable defects or missing parts?
  • – Does it appear to have been worn out?
  • – Is the material good quality?
When the “sale price” isn’t really a sale

Sometimes, retailers will feature the items price as the “sale price” but in reality, the store has never even sold the product for lower than the sticker price.

Other times the price tag may say “original price: $59.99. Our price: $49.99.” The item has actually never been sold at $59.99 before. If an item is truly marked down you will find another price tag placed on top of the manufactured price tag.

When you’re paying the BOGO price

Though the title “buy one get one” sounds like a steal, but its simply not as good of a deal as it sounds. The deal hides the fact that if you weren’t planning on buying 2 items, it really isn’t a discount.

If it’s part of a liquidation sale

When retailers post signs that say “everything must go” the store owners are depending on shoppers to assume that all items in the store are being sold at a discount price, which often is just not true.