Save Money this Fall

School has started, hopefully the cooler weather is on its way, which means fall is almost here. With the change of seasons, its typical for us to switch gears and start thinking about the holiday season that is ahead – and the expenses that they include.

Cook with in-season produce

Plan your meals according to the in season produce, you will save money this way! Also, fall is soup season, make a huge pot and freeze some for later to save on an extra meal cost.

open the windows – save on ac

I know were in Alabama so it might be a few months before we can act on this but it can be a big money saver when do get the colder weather. Open your windows and enjoy the fall air while saving money on your utility bill!

DIY your fall décor

Fall is a great time to DIY fall décor, Halloween decorations and maybe even costumes. Pinterest and YouTube are a great place to find easy, inexpensive DIY projects to d this fall. You can even turn these crafts into fun family activities.

find Free community events

This year may be a bit different but the fall is a prime time to get outside and find somethings to do! Normally, there are carnivals, street fairs, concerts, hay rides, and pumpkin patches. Though those things have been cut down this year, consider getting outside and enjoying the brisk air by going on a hike, to a park, or just taking a walk around town.

Start planning ahead for the holiday season

It’s never too early to start putting some many back for the busy holiday season ahead. Try to find ways to cut costs so you can have a stress-free holiday season full of fun for the whole family! Stay tuned for a blog coming soon about starting early on holiday saving!