6 Quick Tips to Save More

Building a savings is something we all want to do but, by making a few changes to our routine and making the commitment to do so. This can be a challenging task to me so we have put together a list of 7 easy things you can do to build your savings and reach your goals.

1. Try tracking your money

Tracking the money coming in and the money going out will give you an idea of what things you may be spending too much on and the things you could go without. Keep a chart or spreadsheet showing how much you spend in categories (groceries, extra, subscriptions) from that, think about the amount in the chart and decide what you could do away with to put a little extra into savings.

2. Save money automatically with Round-Up Savings Program

Along with saving some here and there, join our Round-Up Savings Program and save when you swipe your WCU Debit Card. The Round-Up Savings Program really is the easiest way to save. After registration, every purchase made with your WCU Debit Card will be rounded to the next dollar amount and the “spare change” will be automatically transferred to your Round-Up Saving Account. Visit your WCU Branch today to register to start saving!

3. Sell items you no longer need/ want

We all have it, the “junk” we haven’t touched in years but we’re still holding on to it because “I might wear it one day” then it continues to to sit in your house for anther year. It’s time, set up a yard sale and sell the stuff just taking up space in your home. It’s an easy way to make a little extra money. Remember, even a little bit can go a long way.

4. Eat at home

I feel like eating at home is an obvious way to save money but it can be hard to maintain. Plus eating out is easy and convenient for everything except you budget. If you take your lunch to work and try to cook at home a few nights a week, you will notice a difference in the extra money you will save.

5. Skip the coffee shop

I would venture to guess i’m not the first to say this but those $, $5, $6 drinks can take a hit to the bank account. Find your favorite coffee and make it at home, you will save! Also, if you are like me and just can’t bare the thought of not having the occasional coffee shop visit – save the change that under the couch cushion or in the bottom of your purse and buy your coffee with that!

6. Have fun for less

Find free things to do in your community like events and parks. In the summer, there are so many options to get get discounts for places like museums, water parks, etc. I would recommend looking on social media to find out what’s happening in your area!

Saving money isn’t always easy but staying diligent and cutting unnecessary costs will be worth it when you see your savings grow!