Vacation Savings Tips & Tricks

Summer is coming and we live in a world where we feel pressured to go above and beyond, get ahead, and excel in everything we do – to the point where it’s hard to take a break. However, it is crucial to take a break some time to get out of your normal routine and to recharge and renew. Time away from the office can actually improve your productivity at work and even help your mental and physical health. Throughout this blog, we are going to give you some inspiration on how to take time away and refresh without “breaking the bank”

Tips To Save For Vacation

  • – Have a garage sale – clean out your closets, attic, and garage to find things you don’t need anymore. Choose a weekend to set up a garage sell and put all the money earned toward your vacation.
  • – Sign up for WCU’s Round Up Savings Program – every purchase made on your WCU Debit Card will be rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount and all “spare change” will go into your Round Up Savings Account. It’s as simple as that to start saving for your next vacation!

Tips To Save While Planning Vacation

  • – Create a budget for your vacation and stick to it. Creating a budget and having an idea of how much you can spend before anything will help make the planning of your trip much easier.
  • – Make a list of things that are most important to you while on vacation. Is it spending time on the beach? Exploring the outdoors? Eating out? Shopping? A nice room? – create this list with 1 being your top priority and continue down the list, this will help better determine where your money should go.
  • – Research, research, research. The more you research, the better prepared you are. You can find the cheapest location and find budget friendly activities to do in your preferred location.
  • – Check out vacation rentals like VRBO or Airbnb, here you will find all kinds of unique stays within your budget and in locations all over the world!
  • – Be flexible with your travel dates, you will find that certain times of the year are cheaper than others.

Tips To Save While on Vacation

  • – Bring your own food – when looking for places to stay, consider finding a place with a kitchen so that you can cook your meals. Even just cooking for breakfast and lunch will cut the cost tremendously down.
  • – Seek free activities & entertainments in the areas you are traveling too. For example, community festivals, hikes, picnic.

We know times can get tough and money can be tight – don’t let that affect your summer fun! Here are some tips & tricks on how to plan the perfect “stay-cation” and make it feel like a vacation!

Stay-cation Ideas

Treat you community like a vacation destination:

  • – Go for a hike
  • – Conduct a tasting tour of your hometown
  • – Camp in the backyard
  • – Be a tourist in your own city

Take a “road trip to the surrounding cities, like Huntsville, Florence, or Birmingham.

Things to do in Decatur

  • – Rhodes Ferry Park
  • – Point Mallard Water park
  • – Visit Downtown Decatur
  • – Cooks Museum of Natural Science

Things to do in Huntsville

  • – Space and Rocket Center
  • – Botanical Gardens
  • – Visit downtown
  • – Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment

Things to do in Florence

  • – Helen Keller Birthplace (Ivy Green)
  • – Children’s Museum Shoals
  • – Pope’s Tavern Museum
  • – Florence Indian Mound and Museum

Things to Birmingham

  • – Visit the Vulcan
  • – Birmingham Zoo
  • – McWane Science Center
  • – Birmingham Civil Rights Museum

We hope you find these tips and tricks useful for your summer vacation or stay-cation – start saving and enjoy your vacation!