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Overdraft Services

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Overdraft Services

WCU Credit Union offers a number of overdraft programs for the benefit of our members.

Whether it’s a simple checkbook miscalculation, car repairs, urgent medicine, or unplanned travel, we understand mistakes happen and emergencies arise.

No one likes to bounce a check or have an electronic payment returned. Click on this link Money Management Tools to access some resources to help you avoid overdrafts.

For the occasional emergency or accounting error, we offer a number of overdraft protection programs to help give you peace of mind.

If you qualify, all three types of protection (or a combination of the three) can be applied to your accounts.

See our Overdraft Coverage Options Letter for more information on WCU’s Overdraft Privilege Program.

Standard Overdraft Privilege service is automatically available for checks, ACH and recurring debit card transactions.

WCU will only approve and pay overdrafts for ATM and everyday debit card transactions (Extended Overdraft Privilege) if you request this in person at any WCU branch, or by telephone at (256)-355-5010, or by filling out and returning the Extended Coverage Consent Form, in person or by fax to (256) 355-2989, by email to